Pastors should stop forcing people to pray – Captain Smart

It is said that black people rebel against everything except religion.

Obviously it is based on this reason host of Angel Fm’s morning show, Captain Smart is calling on men of God to stop forcing people to pray for everything they desire and aspire in life.

“Pastors should stop forcing people to pray and rather tell them to use their brains and also work hard”, he said.

The situation in black communities is very dire – education is disastrous, administration is corrupt, health is deplorable but religion is doing fantastically well.

Smart attributed the fallen standards of living to the fact that we tend to spend more time praying in churches than going out there to work to fend for ourselves.

“It is unreasonable to spend time praying when you can use same period for work”, he said

“Why do you have to pray all week and expect God to bless you?”, he queried

“It does not make sense to pray while expecting God to do by miracle what you can do by planning and work.”, he added.

Smart’s position is not a new subject since it has come up for discussion on few occasions.

It is critical to note that, any society that is full of superstitions, religious indoctrinations, lacks education and nationalism, is always ridden with violence and lack of development.


ogyefo papa

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