2022 Accra Digital Job Fair held

The 2022 Accra Digital Job Fair has been held with a focus on data science

The event which was held on November 18 was under the theme; “Building resilient data
scientists for the job market.”

Speaking in an opening remark, Sena Djisah, Research Associate at Ghana Tech Lab explained that her outfit raises the employability rate of individuals by providing internships, certification courses, scholarships, the base innovation program and job fairs.

She encouraged the participants not to be desperate when searching for jobs but to
see themselves as the talent needed to drive the company forward.

For his part, the CEO of GITPlus, Mr. Emmanuel Gadasu, who gave the keynote speech, advised the
participants to be more focused on building their skill sets rather than chasing certificates. He
reiterated that the certificates do not put food on the table, but they speak in the owner’s

Mr. Gadasu also encouraged the participants to take advantage of the courses found on the
Internet and learn as much as possible so they stay caught up in the technological evolution of
the world. After dropping some wisdom nuggets, he asked the audience whether their desire for
a job matched their skill set.

As part of the program lineup, there was a panel discussion on “Opportunities in Tech new
trends and innovation (jobs and ventures)”, with Mr Philip Okoampah of Big Data Ghana
Limited and Mr Theophilus Akugre of Ghana Tech Lab on the seat and moderated by Judith

The panel discussion focused on the types of data science jobs available, the
opportunities available to data science personnel, and how to strategically position oneself to
land jobs through recommendations or one’s portfolio.

“Preparing talents for the job market (what employers are looking for)” was the topic for
the second-panel discussion. Together with Mrs Claudette Ahiabor, Norbert Dziwornu and
moderated by Fawuzu Masawadu, enlightened the participants on how to make themselves
irreplaceable in the job market.

One central point hammered on severally was that most jobs would be obsolete in the
not-so-distant future as technology advances to perform these roles more efficiently. It is a
calling to the youth to invest in skills that will not die out soon.

The Digital Jobs Fair ended with a workshop session to equip the participants with specific soft
skills. These workshops included a CV Clinic, how to build a LinkedIn Portfolio, CV writing, Acing Interviews, Professional etiquette, and Personal Branding geared towards making the
participants more employable in the job market.

Data science is the shiny new toy in technology because data is the most valuable knowledge in
the world today. Needed in every field found today, it is imperative to groom people to take up
the mantle to keep Data Science alive.

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