2022 FIFA World Cup: Switzerland to test Blackstars readiness today

2022 FIFA World Cup: Switzerland to test Blackstars readiness today

The Blackstars will be playing against Switzerland today, November 17, 2022, in Abu Dhabi as an international friendly match scheduled for 10:00 GMT at the Baniyas Club Stadium.

The match will give both teams the opportunity to access the strengths and possible weaknesses for the upcoming world cup tournament in Qatar.

The Head Coach for the team, Otto Addo before the morning game said the match against the Swiss will be a good test for the Blackstars ahead of their upcoming match with Portugal in Doha.

“We have the possibility to play against a very good team. It’s a good challenge before the World Cup and the last test and for us its very good to try somethings and to see also some players in certain positions and from the tactical point of view we can have some more insights on tactical things”,

“We still have a lot of work to do, surely, we analyzed Switzerland so we have to adapt to their style. Because depending on their system there are different positions we have to take and different gaps we have to use. And also, defensively it’s a bit of a different approach so this sometimes demands different players but we are very prepared, and I think in all it’s a very good preparation for Portugal.” Otto Addo said.

The football manager was convinced that his team was a great team for even qualifying for the World Cup. According to him, “they are a really good team, they have good players in the team who play high profile clubs and for us it’s a very good test. Everybody is ready, everybody is hungry, we are looking forward to the World Cup.”

‘’But surely, it’s also about positions, so the starting eleven is not 100% sure so everybody has a good chance to show himself again and to show us as technical staff that they are capable of playing international games and this is a good test’’

“Like I said, the guys look sharp, they are ready. It’s a very, very good challenge for us to play Switzerland and this can also make impact for our decisions as to who will play against Portugal,” Mr. Addo added.

The Blackstars after the friendly match today will be clashing with Portugal in their first game on November 24, 2022, before playing against South Korea and Uruguay. The match is expected to come off on November 28 and December 2, 2022, respectively.

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