22 people hospitalised after suspected food poisoning at funeral

22 people hospitalised after suspected food poisoning at funeral

22 residents of Agou, a farming village in the Nkwanta South of the Oti Region, have been admitted to hospitals for what is suspected to be food poisoning.

According to reports, after eating at a funeral on Sunday morning, the victims had extreme diarrhea and other symptoms.

While 13 have been hospitalized at the Nkwanta South Municipal, nine others have been sent to Nkwanta St. Joseph Catholic Hospital.

All of the patients arrived with complaints of extreme diarrhea and vomiting, according to Dr. Theophilus Amoatey, Medical Superintendent of Nkwanta Municipal Hospital.

All of the patients are responding well to treatment.

The victims reportedly received meals including oatmeal, rice, Banku, meat, and Pito, a locally produced beverage made from wheat and maize, according to sources.

Dr. Theophilus Amoatey disclosed that a team of disease control management had been sent to the neighborhood for a proper inquiry and their samples had been sent to a lab for analysis.

The majority of the patients at St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, according to the nursing officer and staff members who were on duty when they were admitted, were not in any life-threatening situations.

Nevertheless, some of the patients and family members interviewed from the two hospitals claimed that after consuming rice, banku, and meat, they experienced severe stomach pain and diarrhea.




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