300,000 employment opportunities will be created in the digital space under my govt – Mahama

The National Democratic Congress flagbearer claims that the incoming NDC government will collaborate with regional tech start-ups and companies to introduce a “Digital Jobs Initiative” with the goal of producing at least 300,000 skilled jobs for young people.

He states that he ran on a platform of empowering the young of Ghana in the previous election and that this pledge is still valid since his vision of a digital Ghana is still very much alive.

“Let’s face it—the digital revolution is here to stay. It has already transformed our lives in ways that were simply unpredictable only a decade ago and will continue to do so. Around the world and here in Ghana, we now have digitized factories and even digital agriculture. This is the fourth industrial revolution. The fifth industrial revolution – the Cognitive Age that brings human and machine intelligence into close proximity for sustainable growth – beckons.

“The sooner we embrace it, the more prosperous we’ll become. This is why I am a true and firm believer in the right to affordable and reliable internet. I believe that currently, everybody should have access to the Internet. You may remember that four years ago, I promised Ghanaians that, if elected President, I would provide them with universal and affordable internet access”, the former President stated while addressing the media on Sunday, July 7.

He continued: My promise still stands because my vision of a digital Ghana is as strong as ever. It is a vision that led me, as president, to deploy massive fixed and wireless broadband for reliable internet across our country. It remains an undying vision. We need to be young in mind and in spirit.”

Additionally, the NDC flagbearer urged Ghanaians to assist the youth. “They are our future, so let them build this future”.

“This is a fabulous time in our history, a time in which we must be bold, create, and take advantage of the huge opportunities the digital world, particularly the digital economy, offers us. Based on this vision of a new, vibrant, digital Ghana, the next NDC Government will partner with local tech start-ups and businesses to launch a ‘Digital Jobs Initiative’ to create at least 300,000 skilled employment opportunities for the youth.

“Imagine this: 300,000 employment opportunities for our youth! And this is in a field they not only love but often excel at. I look at my children, nieces, and nephews, and I’m amazed at their digital skills, as I’m sure many parents in Ghana are. So, I am telling you, like I tell everybody else, let these kids thrive!

“They are our future, so let them build this future. It will be glorious, I promise you! All they need from us is our support and understanding – and I promise all of them my full support and my wholehearted understanding!”.

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