A Taste of Africa: Ignite Media celebrates AU Day with ‘Cook Africa’ event

In a vibrant celebration of African cuisine and culture, Ignite Media Group, the parent company of Metro TV, Original 91.9 FM, and Original TV, hosted the “Cook Africa” event on African Union Day, May 25, 2024, at their premises in North Ridge, Accra.

The event brought together nationalities from Liberia, Guinea, Egypt, Nigeria, and Ghana to showcase their rich and diverse culinary traditions.

The participants prepared their indigenous dishes, sharing the flavors and ingredients of their homelands.

Among the attendees was Selorm Magdalene Gafah, the winner of the 2023 Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant, as well as other high dignitaries.

The “Cook Africa” event aimed to promote African unity and celebrate the continent’s rich cultural heritage through food. It provided a platform for cultural exchange and showcased the diversity of African cuisine, highlighting the unique ingredients, cooking techniques, and traditions of each participating country.

The event was a resounding success, with attendees enjoying the various dishes and engaging in lively discussions about African culture and cuisine.

The Ignite Media Group is committed to promoting African unity and celebrating the continent’s rich cultural heritage through events like “Cook Africa.”

The media conglomerate aims to continue showcasing the best of Africa’s diverse cultures and traditions.

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