‘Absolute accountability’ needed to remedy systemic problems – Mahama

‘Absolute accountability’ needed to remedy systemic problems – Mahama

Ex-President John Dramani Mahama believes “absolute accountability” needs to be rendered by African governments and all state institutions.

Mr. Mahama said proceeding on such tangent will “remedy many of the systemic problems that affect the African people”

The former President of Ghana said in a tweet after his presentation at the Liberty University Convocation in Virginia, United States.

He further indicated that Africans need ethical and moral uprightness as guiding principles.

“In Africa, we need ethical and moral uprightness as guiding principles, and a stoic fidelity to the truth and to do right by our people above all other considerations,” he tweeted.

At the Summit, John Mahama was honored with a Global Leadership and Economic Impact Award.

The award, presented after his keynote presentation at the Official Opening Dinner of the 2nd 500 CEO Summit, is to celebrate President Mahama for governing wisely, “advocating and achieving a consistent track record on economic development, women’s participation in education, and enhancing economic growth.”

Dean of the Liberty University School of Business Dr. Dave Brat says, “President Mahama was chosen for this award because he demonstrates all of the successful traits of Christian leadership under the greatest pressure and responsibility of governing and being the Chief Executive for a Nation, Ghana.”

Amidst applause from the audience of global CEOs attending the Networking the Nations CEO Summit, Dr. Brat said, President Mahama, exhibited warmth and joy that resonated with everyone at the summit.

Liberty University, the world’s largest Christian university is hosting over 600 chief executives, political leaders, athletes, and faith leaders at the 2nd 500 CEO Summit.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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