Abuakwa North MCE warns farmers not to sell donated Items

The Municipal Chief Executive in the Abuakwa North Municipality has warned farmers not to sell farm items donated to them to support their work.

According to MCE Alhaji Bondiga, the distributed items, including coconut and palm seedlings, are not for sale.

He emphasized that farmers should use them for their own benefit, as intended.

“We gave them out for free, so they have no right to sell them,” Bondiga said. “If these items are found in the market, those involved will be arrested and prosecuted according to the law.”

Bondiga expressed concern over the youth’s neglect of farming, which he called the “backbone of this country.”

He announced plans to educate them on the importance of agriculture and its role in the digital era.

The over 1 billion cedis in farm materials are intended to produce raw materials for manufacturing palm oil, reducing the stress and transportation challenges faced by women’s groups in the municipality.

Agriculture Director Anthony explained his role in requesting and obtaining the seedlings and boots to support farmers. He noted that some farmers had been using bathroom sandals in their farms, which was risky, and the boots would help avoid disasters.

By: Kofi Adjei | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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