Africa’s youth are the solutions we seek to transform the continent – Charlotte Osei

Africa’s youth are the solutions we seek to transform the continent – Charlotte Osei

Former chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC), Mrs. Charlotte Osei, says the transformation of the African continent will largely depend on its youth.

Madam Osei said successive generations failed the current and future generations over their inability to introduce pragmatic measures aimed at eradicating poverty on the African continent.

Speaking at the 2021 Ishmael Yamson and Associates Business Roundtable under the theme; ‘Youth Africa’s Future, Driven & Centered Development’, Mrs. Osei was optimistic the youth can be the game-changer for the continent, explaining they possess the ideas to boost the economic growth of the continent through industrialisation.

She tasked the youth to spearhead the transformation of the new African continent and provide amicable solutions to the continent’s ‘stone age’ problems.

“I think my generation and the generation before, we have failed the generation of youth today and the ones that are coming and I want to tell African youth that the baton is now in their hands; the power is now in their hands; their power in that baton and it may be time for them to snatch it from us if they really want a better future. They have to snatch it because it’s a relay. We have run not a very good race, so far. The actions that we take today can make and unmake the continent and they really need to wake up and start thinking about how to grab that baton,” Madam Charlotte Osei said candidly.

“From what I know, old people in Africa don’t hand over the baton very easily, so, I’m speaking to the youth and I want to tell them that they are the solution that we seek and I truly believe that, yes [the] government has a role to play but the power of the future lies in the business sector. It’s going to lay with African entrepreneurs and there’s a myriad of challenges that they have which we need to address. And again, I do not think the older generation has the capacity, energy, or the mindset to effectively address these challenges even if they have the capacity they may not have the energy and when they have the energy and the power I don’t see them they have the right mindset, so, it going to fall back on the youth,” she advised.


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | | Ghana


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