Akyem Asuom community demands removal of District Police Commander

The chief and people of Akyem Asuom are calling on President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to sanction the removal of the Akyem Asuom District police commander, Supt. Steven Abanga.

Addressing the media in Asuom township on Wednesday, Krontihene of Akyem Asuom, Boadi Amponim Obodade III, revealed that safety and security situations in the area are at the mercy of the Commander who has teamed up with some questionable characters to make living conditions difficult for the people.

He revealed that the community needs help hence they’ve petitioning the Inspector General of Police (IGP), to intervene or else the Commander will ‘sell’ the whole community.

“Things are not working well at all here,” Boadi Amponim Obodade III said, as far as they are concerned, the District Commander’s work is unsatisfactory and leaves much to be desired.

He also revealed that the District Commander is meddling himself in the chieftaincy matters of the community and siding with a faction to disturb the peace of the area.

“He has allowed himself to be used to do the dirty works. As a commander, we believe he shouldn’t be doing certain things, like involving himself in galamsey; he owns a pit, he has arrogated to himself the power such that anybody who wants to do anything in the community must go through him, control over his men is non-existent.”

Krontihene Boadi Amponim Obodade III made references to an instance where a policeman was wearing a boxer shots and singlet, standing on the road collecting money from drivers, okada operators, and galamseyers.

This, he said, was as result of the poor control he has over his men.

The District Commander is also alleged to always be involved in excessive drinking; and always take actions under the influence of alcohol.

“We can’t have a commander who is always under the influence of alcohol and fulfilling the agenda of the chief who sees me as a threat because of the development I bring into the community within the past 6 months,” Krontihene Boadi Amponim Obodade III said.

He said the District Commander is also involved in illegal felling of timber even from the forbidden Atiwa forest reserve.

“Some of his men we know, patronise the ghettos, involvein drug abuse everywhere without fear.

“We are concerned about the effects of these social vices on our youth,” he noted.

The Krontehene also mentioned that whenever a complaint is made at the station, the complainant is asked to go and fetch the suspect, and most at times, this is done amidst collection of huge bribes and extortion.

He averred that most people would rather buy eggs and schnapps and curse with deities and gods than report to the police.

According to him, barely six (6) months after his installation as Krontehene, he has embarked on several developmental projects including building a fire service station, constructing a factory to convert oil palm/palm oil into vegetable oil to create job opportunities, constructing roads, constructing District police station, a circuit court, and a chief’s palace.

He said it is because of these that they see him as an enemy and a threat to their evil agendas.

Speaking to some of the youth, they expressed their anger at the developments in the community and pleaded with the IGP, the President and the police administration that, with immediate effect he should remove the District Police Commander and replace him with a more competent person.

By: Kofi Adjei | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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