AMA builds capacity of Assembly members to enhance proficiency

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has organised a three-day in-house capacity-building training programme to enhance the proficiency of its Assembly Members in local governance affairs.

The training programme, spearheaded by the Human Resource Department of the AMA and held at the Royal Lee Hotel in Tutu, within the Akwapem North District of the Eastern Region, from May 8th to May 11th, sought to, among other things, equip the members with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively carry out their duties in local governance.

During the three-day training, Assembly members were engaged in a series of workshops and interactive sessions covering a wide range of topics, including Ghana’s Decentralisation Policy and Local Governance System, Deliberative Functions, Legislative Functions, Executive Functions, and Oversight Responsibilities of Assembly Members.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, the Presiding Member of the AMA, Hon. Alfred Asiedu Adjei emphasised the importance of continuous learning and professional development in driving sustainable progress within the city’s governance framework.

The training programme, he said, would go a long way towards equipping Assembly members with the requisite skills and knowledge to address the challenges facing the city effectively.

He commended the enthusiasm and eagerness of Assemblymembers to serve Accra and urged them to apply insights from the training programme to uphold the principles of democracy, transparency, and accountability in the discharge of their duties.

He reiterated the critical role of subcommittee chairpersons in the effective functioning of the Assembly.

“The proactive and effective performance of subcommittees is instrumental in shaping policy decisions before they reach the Executive Committee and General Assembly meetings for deliberation and decision-making, ‘ he said.

In a speech read on his behalf, the Coordinating Director of the AMA, Mrs Adiza Ali Awudu, Senior Human Resource Manager of the AMA, expressed the Assembly’s commitment to fostering professional development and equipping its members and staff with the tools necessary to excel in their respective roles.

“With the current status of urban governance evolving rapidly, the training programme presents a unique opportunity for Assembly members to acquire new insights, refine existing abilities, and ultimately contribute to the realisation of the AMA’s vision for a sustainable and prosperous Accra, “he said.

Assembly members who shared their expectations expressed appreciation to the Mayor of Accra and Management for empowering them through the training programme.

Some staff of the AMA present at the training programme were Mr Emmanuel Appiah, Miss Shafawu Zakari Gumah, and Vivian Ama Broni among others.

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