Ambulance Trial: A-G should be leading the chop bar not the GBA – NDC’s Beatrice Annan

Beatrice Annan, a member of the National Democratic Congress’ communications team, has accused Attorney General, Godfred Yeboah Dame of engaging in unethical behavior and attempting to wrongfully convict individuals, including Ato Forson, the Minority Leader in Parliament.

Speaking on Good Morning Ghana on Metro TV, Beatrice Annan claims that the Attorney General’s actions are a result of his long history of unethical practices and that the National Democratic Congress has evidence to support these claims.

She expresses outrage and disappointment, stating that Dame’s behavior is a serious indictment on the justice system and undermines the principle of “let justice be done even if the heavens fall.”

“What is happening in this country, especially in relation to Godfred Dame is a serious indictment on our justice system.” She said. “What happened to the legal principle let justice be done even if the heavens fall? Today, there are no more men of conscience in this country, we don’t have people speaking up.”

“I am very scandalized and angry as a member of the Ghana Bar Association that Godfred Dame is the leader of the Bar. Godfred Dame should be leading the Chop Bar, not the Ghana Bar Association because the man has breached every ethical rule and here, we are not talking about allegation. He has called into question the integrity of the court and the justice system including the integrity of a Supreme Court judge,” she said.

This outburst comes after Richard Jakpa, the third witness in the ongoing ambulance trial, alleged that the AG had previously approached him to help build a case against the former Deputy Finance Minister.

Beatrice Annan also criticizes Godfred Dame’s leadership of the Ghana Bar Association, stating that he has breached ethical rules and called into question the integrity of the court and justice system, including the integrity of a supreme court judge.

“What is important is that Godfred Dame has been caught red-handed in the unethical practices he has been engaged in over the years and how he seeks to wrongfully convict people in this country and it appears that anytime the National Democratic Congress raises the issue, they’ll say bring your evidence, today, we have evidence to that effect”

By: Vanessa Edotom Boateng | \ Ghana

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