Apply the rules in a fair and just manner – Sammy Gyamfi to CJ

Apply the rules in a fair and just manner – Sammy Gyamfi to CJ

Sammy Gyamfi, a lawyer and Communications Officer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has questioned the intention of the Chief Justice, Kwasi Anin-Yeboah, to petition the General Legal Council (GLC) to investigate former deputy Attorney General, Dominic Ayine, over his comment about the apex court.

Sammy Gyamfi noted that there were other instances where lawyers of the NDC had breached the rules of the court by their conduct but a blind eye was almost turned to them.

“Lawyer Oppong was on record. Lawyer Frank Davies was on record. They were always announced in court as representing Nana Akufo-Addo by the lead counsel, Akoto Ampaw. Yet, they were all over the place addressing the media and commenting on that matter. That was a clear breach of the rules of professional conduct of lawyers. Has the chief justice cited them for the breach of those rules? Has he sent a complaint to the disciplinary committee of the General Legal Counsel for them to be disciplined? No. Oh so some are warned and some are summoned before the disciplinary committee” he said on Good Morning Ghana, Thursday, June 24.

Sammy Gyamfi was of the opinion therefore that Dominic Ayine has the right to express his fears of the genuine work of the judiciary if lawyers on the opposite side are not brought to book when they breach the rules of the court.

“So we are saying that if in those cases where the rules were clearly breached by lawyers of the NPP and no actions were taken against them, how much Dr, Ayine who merely expressed an opinion – a subjective opinion about his hopes in the independence of the judiciary on the verdict of the Supreme Court. That is a post factory. After the decision had been delivered. He goes for an academic exercise organized by the CDD with other lawyers from the NPP present to discuss the impact of these election petitions on our democracy” he added.

He asserted that even though the concentration must not be on settling scores on the conduct of lawyers, everyone involved in the matter must be treated fairly.

“We don’t have to engage in equalization or rationalization when it comes to professional conducts of lawyers but it is important that the rules are applied in a fair and just manner and in a way that engenders confidence in the system. In a way that shows that no particular group of lawyers are being targeted or are being hounded. But that people that are filing these complaints against lawyers for misconduct have a genuine basis for doing so.”

By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu | | Ghana  

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