Are the Police seeking to silence the voices of Ghanaian youth? – Fix the Country convener quizzes

Benjamin Darko, one of the conveners of the yet-to-be-announced, Fix The Country, protest aimed at hitting the streets to pressurize the government to find amicable solutions to the country’s problems has questioned the motive behind the Ghana Police Service seeking an injunction to block the campaigners from embarking on the protest.

He said attempts by the Police Service to halt the intended protest while it watched aloof for some social events to happen despite the restriction on public gathering rings volume the state institution have malicious intent.

According to him, it is incomprehensible funerals and other protests are allowed to carry on but the Police want to cow the Fix the Country campaigners into silence.

“I would like to draw her attention that in mid-April we had protestors in La demonstrate to protect their lands from encroachments. That was a demonstration. It was a protest. Where was the Ghana Police Service?” Mr. Darko said on Metro’s Good Afternoon Ghana, Wednesday.

He further wondered in a barrage of questions why the incessant attempts by the Ghana Police Service to stop the protest seeking better living conditions.

“It is because there is not something that targets a bigger or broader topic, so, they decided to just neglect that part or they’re trying to deliberately pinpoint and targets fix the country from happing or they’re trying to silence the voices of Ghanaian youth? Is that what they are trying to do or this is some selectively biased judgment that they’re just going after?” he told Francisca Kakra Forson.

Fix The Country, a social media movement has been expressing its displeasure over the failure of successive governments to improve the living standards of Ghanaians on Twitter using the hashtag #FixTheCountry.

They cited ‘dumsor’, unemployment, and poor healthcare systems as proof of successive governments’ mismanagement of the country.


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | | Ghana

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