Assaulting soldiers is a grave offence punishable by law – GAF warns

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has issued a stern warning against circulating social media videos that call for attacks on soldiers and other security personnel.

In a statement dated June 10, 2024, the GAF emphasized that such calls are illegal and pose a severe threat to the stability and national security of Ghana.

“We strongly wish to caution the public against such utterances,” the statement read.

The GAF condemned any form of encouragement of violence against soldiers, urging the public to respect, cooperate, and support the military.

The statement highlighted the commitment of GAF personnel to professionalism, discipline, and human rights.

The GAF reassured the public of its dedication to safeguarding state security and protecting civilians. It reminded citizens that soldiers, like any individuals, have the right to self-defense when facing imminent threats.

The GAF stressed that any misconduct by soldiers should be reported to the nearest police station or military barracks for appropriate disciplinary action, rather than resorting to violence.

“Assaulting or attacking soldiers is a grave offense punishable by law,” the GAF cautioned, urging the public to avoid actions that could lead to unpleasant and dire consequences.

The GAF reiterated its commitment to professionalism, integrity, and service t the nation.

By: Nancy Oye Tanihu | | Ghana

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