Assist the Police in fighting crime – ACP Kwesi Ofori

Assist the Police in fighting crime – ACP Kwesi Ofori

Director-General of Police Affairs, ACP Samuel Kwesi Ofori, says the police are aware of the country’s increase in crime wave and they will soon intensify police patrols and surveillance to clamp down the menace.

He charged the public to assist the police in curbing crime, stating that their contact numbers are access points in times of danger.

ACP Kwesi Ofori said while intimating steps the police take in a state of insecurity such as robbery and serial killing being experienced in the country in recent times.

He assured that the Ghana Police Service is no novice in the matter stating that they have the personnel and information that directs their work.

“The thing is that the police are not alone. We have other stakeholders that we partner with. For instance; if we are witnessing a trend that is a source of worry to all of us, the police might look at those trends carefully. Look at areas where those things will happen and areas that it could happen, we sending our patrols. We send our intelligence networks.” he told Annie Ampofo on Metro TV’s Good Afternoon Ghana.

ACP Kwesi Ofori recounted a period when murder crimes were tilting towards a particular end, stating that they followed the perpetrators and terminated them.

“You witnessed when some group of persons for instance decided to be robbing businessmen that were going into the bank and you saw what happened between Opeibea and East-Legon. Our men gunned down two or three of the robbers,” he stated.

The Director of Police Affairs said his team is duly aware of what is going and further called on the public to assist them in their duties.

“That tells you that we have credible information regarding today’s matters and we continue to count on the public to give us information,” he said.

ACP Kwesi Ofori noted the police need the help of the public in domestic crimes by providing clues of incidences that happened recently.

He urged the public to be friends of the police in crime murder prevention.

“For instance; someone’s killing the wife in the bedroom. It is the responsibility of people who live in that neighborhood to inform police people. The moment you hear [an] unusual noise, beating of someone. Shout from someone’s premises quickly the 18555, the 191should quickly be called or 0302773906. People should just call the police. So people should begin seeing the police as an ally, a friend to someone that they can pass information to,” he noted.


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu | | Ghana  


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