Blows at Ekumfi District Assembly over alleged misappropriation of funds

There was chaos at the first assembly sitting of the Ekumfi District Assembly on Thursday, May 23, when members confronted the District Chief Executive (DCE), Ebenezer Monney, and the Coordinating Director, Mr. Douglas Osie Yeboah, over alleged misappropriation of funds.

A group known as the Ekumfi Youth Association had earlier published a statement from the Public Account Committee accusing the assembly of misappropriating GHS690,000 of the Common Fund, equivalent to 40 percent of the assembly’s common fund.

The Presiding Member of the House, Nkatsia Kakra, asked Mr. Douglas Osie Yeboah to address the house on the issue, but some assembly members later ferociously accused the DCE and Coordinating Director of creating the mess.

According to Awotwe Pratt, Chairman of the Finance and Administration Sub-Committee, the alleged GHS690,000 was used for in-house activities and financing political activities.

However, the Presiding Member, Ekow Kakra Nketsia, demanded proper documentation from the Coordinating Director and DCE on how the funds were used.

The assembly members are seeking transparency and accountability in the management of the assembly’s funds.

By: Isaac Dadzie | | Ghana

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