Bono: NPP suspends deputy regional secretary for misconduct

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Bono Region has suspended its Deputy Regional Secretary, Mr. Isaac Kwame Benkae, effective immediately.

The Regional Executive Committee took the decision pending further investigation and disciplinary action, citing misconduct as the reason.

According to a statement issued by Gabriel Korang-Ababio, Regional Communications Officer, the suspension is in accordance with Articles 3 (7) and 4 (7 and 8) of the NPP Constitution.

The suspension aims to protect the integrity of the regional party, and Mr. Benkae is barred from participating in party activities, attending meetings, or representing the party in any capacity during this period.

A disciplinary committee will be convened to investigate the matter further and recommend appropriate action based on the findings.

The committee will review Mr. Benkae’s conduct and determine the next steps in accordance with the party’s rules and regulations.

Gabriel Korang-Ababio emphasized the importance of maintaining the party’s integrity and ensuring that all members adhere to the highest standards of conduct.

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