“Borkor Borkor”; new single from rising rapper Crytical emphasizes success through perseverance

Crytical, the talented artist from Tema, Ghana, is set to captivate audiences once again with the upcoming release of his latest track, “Bokor Bokor,” produced by the esteemed SwatyBeats. The track is scheduled slated for release on May 9th.

“Bokor Bokor” epitomizes a fusion of contemporary hip-hop and rap with intricate guitar riffs and licks interwoven throughout, providing a melodic backdrop. The rhythmic drum patterns and instrumentation draw inspiration from cultural dance folk tunes, lending the composition a rich tapestry of sound. These elements converge to deliver a fresh perspective on rap music, filtered through the lens of a Gen-Z artist.

At the heart of the track lies a dynamic interplay between the buoyant beats and Crytical’s evocative lyrics, which explore the existential struggles faced by individuals navigating the complexities of life.

Amidst the vibrant rhythms, Crytical adeptly articulates the internal turmoil experienced by ‘hustlers,’ deftly weaving themes of perseverance and resilience.

A noteworthy aspect of “Bokor Bokor” is Crytical’s incorporation of the popular Asante Twi phrase, further enriching the cultural tapestry of the composition. This inclusion, particularly evident in the chorus, reflects Crytical’s personal journey and underscores the an enduring theme of patience amidst adversity.

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With “Bokor Bokor,” Crytical invites listeners on a sonic journey that transcends conventional boundaries, offering a poignant commentary on the human experience. As the track reverberates with infectious energy and introspective lyricism, it serves as a testament to Crytical’s artistry and unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.


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