Build proper system to validate pre-school training – Metro TV’s Randy Abbey urges proprietors

Seasoned Journalist with Ignite Media Group-owned Metro TV, Dr. Randy Abbey, has brought into perspective, the need to properly regulate pre-school administrations to ensure quality care delivery amidst the growing need and concerns for parents to leave their kids at caretaker homes due to their tight schedules.

The discussion came up in the light of the Father’s Day celebration where responsible fatherhood is tied up to good care-taking; most parents do not have time for their kids and that results in leaving them at the mercy of caretaker homes.

Leading the discussion on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana, Tuesday, Dr. Randy Abbey said the urgent need to take care of kids has resulted in the rapid adverts of kids’ schools saying, “These days, I see that they are advertising a lot informing schools that they are like the inspectorate or something. They need to certify the school and all that. I hope it is not just about informing us of what the law says their responsibility is but that indeed they will even have the capacity.”

Dr. Abbey expressed worry about the rapid increase in pre-tertiary education saying that growing numbers must correspond with the ability of owners and caretakers to meet the demands.

To him, “if you look at the spread of school, pre-tertiary schools in Ghana, you need to have some serious capacity to do this.”

The ace broadcaster said the mere reason for finding opportunities in starting pre-school training far outweighs planning as a country because,” we live in a country where I keep saying that development precedes planning. So people see the vacuum because money is made from the needs of people. So that’s how smart people make money. So you see that there is a need. You create a solution for that need and you make money, so, people are going into that area a lot.”

Dr. Abbey noted that it is one thing setting up a regulatory body and it is another getting the laws to function in that institution.

It is one thing saying that I have enacted law and I have set up a body to do something. That is different from I have done that and we have provided capacity because the intended objective is for that institution and the law setting up the institution and guiding the institution to achieve a certain purpose” he stressed.

The astute host said the nation is fond of developing beautiful structures that do not correspond with the systems noting the citizenry must grow out of that.

“If we end at enacting the law, appointing the person or few persons and then painting an office for them, we will not have achieved the reason why we created the institution and enacted the law and that’s the bane of Ghana and we need to look beyond that,” Randy Abbey said on Tuesday, June 22.

Recounting a story of how a two-month-old baby died at the hands of a caregiver, he blamed the fatal death on poor caregiving at the school.

The brilliant host called for strengthening ties and building proper systems within these schools, noting “you don’t have a situation where recently there was a story about a two-month girl who had died. So you see radio and T.V everybody keeps talking about it and the focus is on that and the caregiver and all that but we don’t look at the bigger picture,” he averred.


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu | | Ghana

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