Bullion van heist: GHS20k bounty on heads of gunmen not enough – Adam Bonaa

Security analyst, Adam Bonaa, says the GHS20, 000 bounty placed on gunmen who shot to death a police officer and a hawker, during a robbery incident involving a bullion van at Adedenkpo, a suburb of James Town in Accra on Monday is scanty.

Speaking in an interview on Good Afternoon Ghana on Wednesday, June 16, Mr. Bomaa said a crime of such nature requires a juicy package to encourage persons with information about the notorious gunmen to divulge.

“I heard the IGP or someone like that saying GHS20,000 reward to be given to anyone who’s able to give information leading to the arrest. But is that enough for an informant to give you information on a police officer who is shot dead?” he quizzed.

“I’d have been expecting GHS50,000 or a double of that. You want to give something that is bigger because these guys robbed a bullion van. You don’t even know how much they took, so, assuming they took GHS200,000 and maybe they shared the amount and some didn’t get enough.”

“The person would be aggrieved. The person is given 10, 000 or 20,000 cedis. If you are to make a public offer that is probably more than that money or half of that money,” Adam told Metro TV’s, Francisca Kakra Forson.

Mr. Bonaa, therefore, called on the security agencies to increase the bounty to encourage informants to give further and better particulars leading to the arrest of the robbers and calm tension rising due to alarming insecurity in the country.

“Whoever was part of them and was cheated or not given a fair share chance are that that person will come and work with you and give you enough information. If you give maybe one-twentieth of what was stolen and a police AK47 is stolen, the killed the police officer another person killed. You want to sure the offer is big enough (juicy) enough to come forward and give you information that will lead to arresting all these people terrorizing us in this country.


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana


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