C/R LEAP beneficiaries worried over payment delays

Some beneficiaries of the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty Program (LEAP) are appealing for an increment in the amounts that are paid to them.

They also are requesting prompt payment of benefits as well as having bottlenecks such as their e-zwich issues resolved on time so that they can access their benefits. Central regional correspondent Akwasi Addo has more in the following report.

They are aged and have become frail and weak. For most of these senior citizens, government’s support programs such as LEAP offers great support but their major worry is the reduction in amounts they hitherto received and the delay in disbursement.

Some of these beneficiaries tell Metro News, that, they were previously receiving GHC 200.00 as monthly benefits but these days the amount has reduced to GHC 150.00 without any reasons offered.

They say the reduction coupled with inconsistent disbursement of the LEAP funds to them even during this period of economic uncertainty is making life more difficult.

For some of them who relied on the LEAP benefits for the purchase of their monthly drugs for underlying health conditions, they have been forced to still endure a daily hustling and bustling to be able to cater for those medical needs.

They are therefore appealing to government to have the benefits increased and also ensure a prompt disbursement.

One other challenge they’d want to be dealt with is their e-zwich issues.

According to them, it takes several months for e-zwich related matters to be addressed and most times denying them access to the funds.

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