C/R:Thieves target churches; instruments, others being stolen

There’s a growing phenomenon in Awutu Beraku in the Awutu Senya District of the central region where thieves have been stealing instruments from churches in the area.

Just this year, about 10 churches have had their instruments stolen by these thieves.

The latest occurrence is the raid of Kingdom Witness Church by the thieves as all church instruments including communion wines have been stolen.

Central regional correspondent Akwasi Addo reports that the practice was growing in Kasoa the Awutu Senya East capital until the leadership of the local council of churches pleaded to officers of the Central East regional police command to ensure constant patrols at the various churches.

This time around, the incidences are occurring at Awutu Beraku, the capital of the Awutu Senya District.

Since the beginning of the year, about ten churches have had their church instruments looted by thieves.

The Church of Pentecost, Presbyterian church, Methodist and several others have all had their share of the operations of these thieves.

The latest church to suffer is the Kingdom witness church located at Akrampa, a suburb community of Awutu Beraku.

Raiders have looted away all church instruments which include sound mixers, PA systems, drums and even communion wine and water.

The church’s main headquarters located in the main Awutu Beraku township has suffered similar looting for two consecutive times in a few months gone by.

A deaconess at the church Yaa Comfort expressed shock over the incident and mentions that, they woke up this morning to realize that, the church auditorium had been broken into.

An elder of the church, Ato Kwamena wants police in the area to beef up their operations and unmask the faces behind the serial looting of churches. He said the affected churches are incurring huge costs of replacing the stolen items.

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