Campaigning Along Religious Lines is a Threat to National Cohesion- Says Acrossfaiths Foundation President

The President of the Acrossfaiths Foundation, Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Borlabi Bortey, has issued a strong caution to political parties against campaigning along religious lines, warning that such actions threaten national unity and the progress made in fostering religious tolerance in Ghana.

Rt. Rev. Bortey, who also serves as the Bishop of the Methodist Diocese of Accra, emphasized the importance of maintaining religious harmony during a press briefing in Accra to marking the launch of the Acrossfaiths Foundation. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to promoting interfaith dialogue, understanding, and cooperation among all religious groups in Ghana.

“It’s very dangerous to conduct political campaigns along religious lines. Such actions threaten to divide our nation and undermine the progress we have made in fostering religious tolerance,” Rt. Rev. Bortey stated.

He urged all Ghanaians to uphold the spirit of religious tolerance and harmony as the nation approaches the election season, stressing the need for unity and respect for diverse beliefs and practices.

“We extend our deepest appreciation to our political leaders for their unwavering commitment to nurturing religious tolerance in Ghana. Their efforts have been instrumental in promoting peace and unity among our people. However, the Acrossfaiths Foundation expresses concern over the tendency of some political parties to seek identification with specific religious bodies. We strongly believe that political campaigns should not be conducted along religious lines,” he reiterated.

Sariki Alhaji Yussif Iddriss Madingo, Vice President of the Foundation and President of the Supreme Council of Ga-East Zongo and Tribal Chiefs, also addressed the media, advising the youth to avoid being manipulated by politicians during the December 7th elections. He encouraged them to focus on their studies, vocational training, or other constructive activities.

“As youth, what is important now is to focus on your studies, vocational training, or any other activities you are engaged in so as to become what you want to become tomorrow,” he advised.

Communications Director of the Foundation, Mr. Franklin Asare-Donkoh, highlighted the importance of the Foundation’s mission in preventing conflicts. He noted that Ghana’s neighboring countries are experiencing various conflicts due to the lack of education and advocacy for peace and stability.

“We don’t want to get to that stage before we think of what to do to remedy the crisis. Thus, the birth of the Foundation to begin with the education and advocacy,” Mr. Asare-Donkoh explained.

He also invited the public to the official launch of the Foundation, scheduled for July 11, 2024, at 9:30 am at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER), Conference Hall, University of Ghana.

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