Child phone abuse: Familiarise yourself with mobile phone usage – IT expert to parents

Child phone abuse: Familiarise yourself with mobile phone usage – IT expert to parents

An IT expert and consultant, Mr. Peter Amankwah, says it is important for parents and guardians to enlighten themselves with the functions of mobile phone devices in ensuring their children’s safety on the internet.

Mr. Amankwah said the comprehension of the operationalisation of electronic devices will halt children from being exposed to floodgates of danger in the cyberspace.

Speaking to Kwaku Owusu Adjei on Original 91.9FM’s Adwenekasa socio-political morning programme, he said the mobile phone has gone through a revolution and that modern phones are advanced with features that enable users to perform certain tasks which endanger the underage when they abuse it, unlike the olden days phone purposely for communication thus calls and messages.

The IT consultant indicated that unbeknownst to many parents and guardians, children access contents they are forbidden to view.

“Let me cite an example using the African continent. We put fear in children with superstition. There’s a mother her child learns on the internet and he’s been exposed to a whole lot of things.  When you engage him in a conversation he’d doubt your claims and surf on the internet for information on his own phone and show you the evidence. From that instance, he’d nod in agreement but never trust you.”

Peter Amankwah, however, tasked parents to inculcate the habit of familiarising themselves with phone mobile and be abreast with modern trends to understand how things work.

“What we should understand is that phones have come to stay and we should familiarise ourselves with it to know our way around it. When one buys a new mobile phone he or she is given terms & conditions. Do we read it when we buy new phones? Some seek your permission to make available your data for commercial purposes. Ask yourself if it’s beneficial to your child at his tender age?” he quizzed.

He said there is an interoperability option that allows parents to track and monitor the activities of their children while using the mobile phone.

“Also, there’s a privacy alternative that enquires if the phone would be used by an adult or a child. Due to us not reading the terms & conditions it’s known to us. If we read and comprehend it, we could monitor what our child uses the phone for”

He added that “You’d be privy to his call logs to call back people he contacts or even record the phone calls including social media engagement.”


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | | Ghana

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