Communal clash razes Naloli village, two fighting for their lives

A violent conflict over a disputed piece of land has resulted in the complete destruction of the Naloli community in the Cheriponi district of the North East Region.

Our sources say the clash occurred between the Naloli community and their neighboring Ando community, leaving the entire Naloli community burnt to the ground.

Two individuals are currently in critical condition, with several others injured, following the intense fighting between the two groups.

The cause of the conflict is attributed to a long-standing dispute over a piece of land, which has been a source of tension between the two communities for some time.

The incident has left the Naloli residents homeless, with their properties and belongings destroyed in the fire.

Local authorities have been deployed to the area to maintain peace and order, while efforts are being made to provide assistance to those affected by the violence.

The situation remains volatile, with tensions still running high between the two communities. An investigation into the incident is ongoing to determine the cause of the conflict and to identify those responsible.

By: Alhassan D. Baba | | Ghana

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