Consider farming for national service personnel to encourage youth in agriculture – Ahiagbah

Former Executive Director for Danquah Institute, Mr. Richard Ahiagbah, says the National Service Secretariat should consider the introduction of farming as part of the one-year mandatory service to the nation.

Mr. Ahiagbah said graduates should be made to engage in agricultural activities for a 6-month period or a year.

According to him, young people doing the mandatory service will be encouraged to develop an interest in agriculture which they detest due to the perception it’s not attractive and lucrative.

He alluded to during his submission on Good Morning Ghana on Metro TV on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

“Our National Service Scheme (NSS) we need to look at it again and see what we can use to drive interest in that area. We can try to maybe, introduce young people that since it’s a mandatory service people have to do, we can find a way; six months or one year to be able to get them introduced to it properly. To see how we can sensitize them to go in that sector,” he told Dr. Randy Abbey.

He also said with the youth developing interest in agriculture and venturing into farming it will see an enormous improvement in the country’s economy and eradicate hunger poverty.

“Certainly we know when we were very young in school we said agriculture is the backbone of Ghana’s economy. We have to make true of that statement and to make sure that really if for nothing at all we can feed ourselves with all the things we can produce in making our country we use the excess of food we produce in our country in exchange for those other things we cannot produce,” he said.


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | | Ghana

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