Cosmopolitan Health Insurance supports Zongo & Inner-Cities Development

Cosmopolitan Health Insurance, a Ghanaian-owned company, has announced its commitment to supporting the Zongo & Inner-Cities Development Secretariat in its efforts to develop the lives of people in these communities.

The announcement was made during a special event themed “Avenues to Manouevre During an Economic Downturn” organized by Maxwell Investments Group in collaboration with the Zongo & Inner-Cities Development Secretariat.

According to the company’s representative at the event, Cosmopolitan Health Insurance’s services cover the entire country through partnerships with over 800 health service providers across the 266 districts of Ghana.

The company’s vision is to transform the healthcare experience through a culture of excellence, care, quality service, and innovation while providing the highest level of coverage possible to all clients.

To further support the Zongo & Inner-Cities Development Secretariat’s initiatives, Cosmopolitan Health Insurance has partnered with Maxwell Investments Group to launch an affordable mass digital product called “the Cosmo mobile service.”

This product is intended to extend health insurance coverage to markets that would not ordinarily be able to access quality healthcare.

To educate the communities on the importance of preventive healthcare, healthy lifestyles, mental health, and dental health, Cosmopolitan Health Insurance will implement health educational campaigns through health talks, community film shows, health posters, banners, and other mediums across the community.

The company will also implement a project management plan with clear objectives and deliverables throughout the year. The impact of the services will be assessed through client surveys, quarterly service reviews, and other meaningful and scientific data.

Cosmopolitan Health Insurance’s commitment to supporting government policies on Zongo & Inner-City development, coupled with its nationwide presence, ensures that the company will contribute and deliver 100% to the objectives of this project.

The second edition of the MIG Business Forum will focus on the theme Scaling Entrepreneurial Success through Collaboration and Sustainability scheduled to take place at the Accra International Conference Center (AICC) on Monday 7th August 2023.

The next edition will focus on building upon the success of the first edition and emphasizing the importance of collaboration and sustainability in entrepreneurship. The theme reflects the commitment of Maxwell Investments Group and the Zongo & Inner Cities Development Secretariat (ZICDS) to fostering a supportive ecosystem that empowers the current and the next generation of entrepreneurs to create lasting change and drive economic growth.

By highlighting the need for cooperative efforts and sustainable practices, the MIG Business Forum aims to encourage entrepreneurs to work together, share resources, and embrace eco-friendly business models for the benefit of the entire community.

By: Esther Agyapong | | Ghana

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