Court Dismisses Case Challenging Legality of SIM Card Registration Exercise


An application that challenged the legality of the registration of SIM cards using the Ghana Card as the source document was thrown out by the Accra High Court on Wednesday.

Nine applicants had petitioned the High Court under its supervisory jurisdiction, asking the court to overturn a decision made by the Minister of Communications to make the Ghana Card the only registration document and to require everyone to register within a certain time frame or risk having their SIM cards disconnected.

The applicants contended that the decision made by the Minister and carried out by the National Communications Authority (NCA) was not only arbitrary but also violated their constitutionally guaranteed rights to administrative justice under the 1992 Constitution.

But in a ruling, presided over by Justice Charles Ekow Baiden, the court found that the applicants did not provide sufficient evidence that the National Communications Authority exercised its authority arbitrarily or beyond the scope of its statutory authority.

Accordingly, the court dismissed the case.


Source: | Ghana

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