Decongesting Accra: Mahama announces plan for new city

John Dramani Mahama, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has announced plans to undertake a feasibility study for constructing a new city outside Accra to alleviate the growing congestion in the capital.

The new city, which would span across three regions – Greater Accra, Eastern, and Volta – would be situated near the Volta Lake and would serve as a new growth pole, generating thousands of jobs during and after its construction.

Addressing the European Union Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, May 28, Mahama said the new city would be a green, digital metropolis featuring tourist and amusement attractions, industrial parks, and financial services, operating 24 hours a day.

He explained that much of the investment for the new city would come from the private sector and through public-private partnerships, adding that Accra would remain the capital, but some government ministries, departments, agencies, and financial institutions would be relocated to the new city to decongest the capital.

Mahama noted that the project, which is expected to take around 20 years to complete, would require careful planning, design, and feasibility studies to ensure its success.

He also announced plans to decongest the industrial enclave of the Tema area towards the western corridor for industrialization and job creation.


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