Defense Minister advises military to maintain neutrality in 2024 election

Dominic Nitiwul, Ghana’s Minister of Defense, has encouraged the armed forces to maintain strict political neutrality prior to, during, and following the December 2024 elections. The nation’s integrity must be protected first and foremost.

Speaking on Monday, July 1, at the Republic Day lecture organized by the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Nitiwul emphasized that the military’s main duty is to uphold the integrity of the country.

In addition, he emphasized the military’s critical role in defending democracy and cautioned against partisanship.

“The military is the last bastion of our country’s hope,” declared the Minister.

He provided a clear illustration of what might happen if the military lost the public’s trust by supporting a particular political party. He forewarned that such a breach might jeopardize democracy itself.

The lecture examined the crucial role of military impartiality in maintaining national security and stability and featured well-known speakers including Prof. Kwasi Aning and Mr. Francis Poku, the former minister of national security.

The Minister’s attitude was shared by other notable guests, like as Madam Josephine Nkrumah. They emphasized that for the military to perform its functions properly, it must function outside of political interference.

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