Defund the Black Stars – Ellen Daaku

Defund the Black Stars – Ellen Daaku

A member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) communications team, Ms. Ellen Ama Daaku, is championing a cause to get the state cut funds to the Black Stars because it has become a liability milking the country dry.

The political and social commentator said when the senior male national soccer team is defunded the funds could be directed at other equally important sporting activities.

“Our attention is always on football because football is the quickest, you know, that is where you get something from; whether it is the togetherness, money – it is the quickest,” she said on Good Morning Ghana on Monday, September 6, 2021.

“Others we have to develop it and that is what some of us are advocating for. You can get more medals, glory, [and] money from the other sporting too, so, why must you have one stream when we can have a thousand streams of income?” she wondered “Until we get to that level, some of us will still be pessimistic, we will still be uninterested and stay where we are.”

She further opined “We will go back after the AFCON with no cup. We will come and talk about it. Next four years, we will be back again (sic), the same matter.”

“Africa Cup we can’t win for 40 years and you are talking about World Cup, please,” the NPP communicator said.

“We’ve been saying; we will win, we can, for 40 years. A good 40 years. Please, let’s find something else to talk about. We’ll come back next year talking about the same matter,” she averred.

She questioned the achievements of the Black Stars over the last four decades and wondered why successive governments still invest in the male national football team instead of considering the female team she touted their achievements as nonesuch.

“Everybody is optimistic it shall be well. We have so much of it. As Ghanaians, we believe so much and I believe in that too, life is a process, it shall be well. But once in a while, after 40 years, we should take a break. We have been doing it this same way for 40 years it is not working. We have to change that’s why some of us are trying to say that the attention on football, not even the general football, just the Black Stars. What about the Black Queens?” she quizzed.

“The Black Queens have brought us so much in the last 40 years than the Black Stars even with almost nothing,” Ellen Daaku asserted.

Ms. Daaku holds the assertion that the Black Queens have been neglected and do not get their share of the national cake. Thus, they’ve been treated unfairly over the years and conclude stakeholders have been biased towards the Black Stars in contributing resources hence, attention should be given to them, too.

“These women have to practically beg for everything that they put into their sport. Is it fair? And it is also a national team, a national female team. After 40 years, if the Black Stars aren’t bringing us anything, let’s send the monies to the Black Queens.”


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | | Ghana

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