Demolition: Bringing sanity is done in the citizen’s interest – Henry Quartey

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Mr. Henry Quartey has indicated that the demolition of structures in certain areas of the city is being done with good intentions.

According to him, similar exercises that are taking place in other areas of the municipality are also being undertaken in the interest of the public to protect them from sudden unexpected attacks.

He added that he and his team are committed to the President’s agenda of roads in 2021 stating that he has the support of the Minister of Roads to assist in that regard.

The Greater Accra Minister was speaking during his working visit to parts of the city to continue his campaign of ‘Let’s Make Accra Work’

Speaking to Metro TV’s Shadrack Odame Agyare, Henry Quartey said, it is their duty as municipal authorities to ensure safety of belongings, indicating it is for the good of the people.

He stated that his team will be at the receiving end when fatalities are recorded.

“It is our mandate to protect lands and properties. We are rather doing these things in their own interests. As you can see, should there be any electrical problems by way of these lines dropping from the high tension I’m sure this will be a matter that the whole country will be talking about. And that is where you the media will be asking the questions ‘where were the authorities?” he quizzed.

The Regional Minister recalled the President’s vision to develop roads during his SONA speech this year, saying that there are issues to be corrected in his line of duty in that area as his peers in the field have also thrown an invitee and have pledged their support for his work.

“The President in his state of address this year did indicate that this year again is the year of roads. The RCC has had concerns from the Minister for roads, Hon. Amoako Attah, my senior, He is doing a lot of work, traveling around the country but he’s given me his consent as the regional minister to work with the MMDCE’s to also inspected ongoing roads so we are able to draw the attention of the minister,” he noted.

Mr. Quartey indicated that his ministry has formed partnerships with three municipal authorities to eliminate unauthorized structures that consume utilities for free, put citizens’ lives in danger, and are set up to cause untimely accidents on the run-way.

“A combined task force of La Dade-Kotopon, Ledzokuku, and Ayawaso-Wuogon have begun decongesting the motorway stretch of over a number of kiosks. They have occupied the place. They are using free water. They are using free electricity, insecurity. They contribute to most of the accidents on the motorway because they keep crisscrossing,” he added.


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu | | Ghana       

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