Desist from interfering in administration of justice – WACPF to politicians, others

The West Africa Centre for Peace Foundation, (WACPF) is calling on politicians and influential people in society to desist from interfering in the administration of Justice.

This, the foundation believes will go a long way to bring down the number of violence and conflicts recorded in the country.

The Foundation, in a petition presented to the Overlord of Waala Traditional Area, Wa Naa earlier this month in Wa said it was thrown in despair when news of the horrific happenings of serial killings in the region broke.

The communique presented by youth – Peacejammers among others proffered that, “We wish to passionately appeal to our politicians, opinion leaders and influential people to desist from interfering in the administration of justice.”

The Peacejammers from selected schools in Wa took part in this year’s PeaceJam Ghana Slam aimed at inculcating in young people the spirit of peace-building and community service among others.

Read excerpts of the communique below

“We the Peacejammers would also like to add our voice to the many voices that have been raised so as to aid a lasting solution that will curtail this horrific incidence.”

We have identified the following acts that may be engineering these serial killings in the region. Key among them are:

  1. High rate of unemployment in the region
  2. Negative Peer influence and substance abuse
  3. Inadequate security personnel in the region
  4. The insatiable desire of the youth to get rich quickly without toil.
  5. The continuous entry of foreigners into the region from neighboring countries.

We wish to proffer the following solutions

  1. The youth should be encouraged to get into viable ventures such as farming which we believe would generate ready income to solve our pressing needs
  2. Public education by National Commission for Civic Education, NCCE and the media on personal That is to re-echo the mantra, SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.
  3. Formation of community watchdogs who should work together with the security agencies.
  4. We call on the central government to beef up security by resourcing personnel with the needed tools to discharge their duties efficiently.
  5. The security agency should be given a free hand to work. The police should not be interrupted in the performance of their duty.
  6. Again, we wish to passionately appeal to our politicians, opinion leaders and influential people to desist from interfering in the administration of justice
  7. The Immigration Service should equally be well-resourced so they can intensify their surveillance. The Immigration personnel should work bearing in mind the ethics of the establishment. They re-enforce their activities at the borders. Foreigners should be properly screened before they are allowed entry into the country.
  8. The slogan “Tijaibunyeni” should be a thing of the past. One’s ability to speak your language does not make him one of you Let us di away with the biases and remain firm and resolute if we are to enjoy the peace we once had. criminals are swifter and smarter than we expect.
  9. We again wish to call on well-meaning citizens of WA and its environs to concerted rally behind his royal highness in his bid and with the help of the security agencies to weed out the bad nuts among us.


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