Develop a sense of nationalism in the youth – Sam George to government

Develop a sense of nationalism in the youth – Sam George to government

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Ningo Prampram, Sam George, has expressed disappointment in the faint hopes of the future of the country that rest on the shoulders of the youth. According to him, the future of the nation is bleak if the young cannot discover their true identity as Ghanaians citing that successful nations have developed their nations on the true sense of nationalism.

Mr. Nartey’s sentiments follow a Child Rights International report that indicates that 55% of Ghanaian children will seek greener pastures in the next two decades if nothing is done to avert the job crunch situation in the country by the time.

“What this gives you is a snapshot of the future of this country in the next twenty years thereabout because it looks like the focus is 2040 thereabout that’s where the targeting has been done. 2040 is about nineteen years from now. Most of these people will be in the mid-thirties or early forties thereabout in another twenty years and you are wondering where they going to find themselves,’ Sam George said on Metro TV’s Good morning Ghana, Tuesday, June 22.

Sam George said the issue of unemployment remains a major challenge for the state. However, unlike the current generation, his generation did not capitalize on the jobless situation to migrate to developed countries.

“How many of us at that age will have considered the fact that unemployment was an issue twenty years ago but it wasn’t really big an issue. It was an issue but it wasn’t the main issue. It tells you that today where we sit, we sitting on a very serious issue because twenty years ago, growing up in Nigeria, the very things that were topical are the things that are becoming issues here [Ghana] today, and if we do not take care of them today, you see where Nigeria is today? That where Ghana is heading.”

He explained that “the very issues that twenty years ago as a kid growing up on the streets of Lagos that were issues for us there and were not issues here in Ghana are now the things that are issues here.”

Due to the current happenings, Sam George said, it saddens him the youths are not showcasing their true values as Ghanaians adding that “the countries that have done so well. The Asian targets, the Chinese revolution it was all precipitated on the sense of nationalism.”

“If you don’t have a sense of nationalism, you will do nothing for this country you will do it for yourself. Even the American dream – think not what America will do for, but what you will do for America is the same principle that Chima Mao took and transformed the Chinese mentality and today, the Chinese feel they are the best thing to happen to this world after Belzberg. Look at Malaysia, Vietnam, and countries that have rebuilt themselves have done it with the power of nationalism, the lawmaker opined.


By:  Ernest Tetteh Kabu | | Ghana  


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