Don’t marginalize youth during policy-making – ACEYE to government

CEO of ACEYE, Emmanuel Acquah has urged government to consult the youth in designing policies for the country. This according to him, will play a key role in finding solutions to Ghana’s economic challenges.

“Young people form a greater portion of our population, but when it comes to policy-making, young people are usually marginalized.

This is wrong because you cannot design policies for people who do not feel represented. This is wrong. I strongly believe young people have what it takes to transform the country through their innovative ideas and therefore government needs to include them in the decision-making process. We should engage the youth to deliberate on a strategic direction for the country” he stated.

Speaking at the sidelines of the first Edition of the Ghana Inter-University Liberty & Economics Competition of the ACEYE Scholars Club, an initiative by the Africa Centre for Entrepreneurship and Youth Empowerment (ACEYE), Emmanuel Acquah also pointed out that plans are afoot to support the graduating scholars to realize their entrepreneurship & career aspirations.

‘For us, it is about providing that enabling platform for our alumni scholars to thrive and achieve their goals & aspirations, and we are ever ready to support them in any that we can”. He said.

The goal of the ACEYE Scholars Club training project which was rolled out in four beneficiary university campuses was to ensure that students were equipped with relevant skills and knowledge in policy formulation.

The Africa Centre for Entrepreneurship and Youth Empowerment (ACEYE) is a policy think tank dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and free markets in Africa.

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