Dr Bawumia is a theoretical Economist- Cape Coast South MP

Dr Bawumia is a theoretical Economist- Cape Coast South MP


The Cape Coast South Member of Parliament for the National Democratic Congress Patriotic Party (NDC),Hon.Kweku Rickette Hagan has slammed the Vice President of Ghana ,Dr Mahamudu Bawumia for his failure to manage the economy of Ghana,describing him as a “theoretical econ­omist.”

In his view, Dr Bawumia who was seen in the NPP as the economic Messiah prior to 2012-2016 electioneering year, giving Lectures on Ghana’s Economy has now halted after playing part in Ghana’s economic challenges.

In an interview on TV XYZ “Gumbe Show”, Mr Hagan noted that, because there was absolutely nothing positive about the sinking economy of Ghana,Dr Bawumia has shifted his attention to pursue digitization rather than sticking to his area of expertise in economics as trumpeted by the NPP for he being the economic wizkid.

Ghana’s economy is in total shambles under the supervision of the Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia ” he added



Mr Hagan stressed that from what has been witnessed so far by the much tuated economic wizkid, there is no denial of the fact that Dr Bawumia has mismanaged Ghana’s economy.

Mr Hagan placed Ghana’s present economic woes, epitomized in the extreme untold hardship facing Ghanaians, right at the doorstep of the NPP by Dr. Bawumia.

He stated that in the midst of plenty economic Lectures, Dr Bawumia is still not doing anything practical to deliv­er the citizenry from the economic hardship currently experiencing by Ghanaians.

“Dr Bawumia can be good economics Lecturer at the University but to put those knowledge into practice is a big problem”

“Now it is prudent for Dr Bawumia to answer my 230 economic questions posed to him because I’ve listened attentively to Bawumia Town hall speeches prior and found a number of issues he raised quite disturbing and factually inaccurate” he added


He said, since the NPP took power from NDC for the past 7 years, the economy has been mis­managed by Dr Bawumia thus deepened the economic woes Ghanaians.

Mr Hagan urged Ghanaians to rally behind John Mahama and the NDC to rescue the country from the misery to build a country of prosperity for all.


Mr Hagan, therefore, charged all meaningful Ghanaians throughout the country to vote for John Mahama come 2024 so as to secure smooth victory for the NDC in 2024 general elections.


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