ECG declares 2023 the year of excellence

ECG declares 2023 the year of excellence

The Electricity Company of Ghana’s Accra East region has declared 2023 a “year of excellence” in order to provide the finest service to its consumers.

Speaking at a thanksgiving service to close the year, the region’s General Manager, Bismark Otoo, described the year 2022 as a “difficult one for the organisation,” citing the multiple problems that the company faced.

Despite the obstacles, he claims that the company’s employees did their utmost to guarantee that clients were satisfied.

He feels that the coming year would provide the corporation with the opportunity to improve its customer service and guarantee that the Accra East area stands out among the eight ECG regions across the country.

ECG has issued holiday greetings to all clients, advising them to buy enough prepaid credit to avoid problems when the company’s employees go on vacation for the holidays.

According to Bismark Otoo, the regional manager, the intermittent internet problems had a substantial impact on our operations and revenue.

“Our revenue inflows were only about 70% to 80% of our projected revenue which was not the best.

“We’re hoping to exceed our target for the year 2023 by over a hundred percent which will enable us to expand our system to serve our customers well.”


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