Economic crisis: Kufuour denies forfeiting six months salary

Economic crisis: Kufuour denies forfeiting six months salary

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has debunked and described as “fake” social media reports suggesting he has forfeited his six months’ salary to the state in the wake of the current economic turmoil.

A statement signed by the Senior Aide & Spokesperson for the former President, Dr. Kwabena Osei Adubofour urged the public to disregard such reports and treat the news with the contempt it deserves.

“The attention of the Office of former President John Kufuor has been drawn to a fake reportage on social media and in some sections of the traditional media to the effect that President Kufuor has written to the Chief of Staff at the Presidency to request that six months of his salary should be forfeited to the state.”

“This Office wants to emphatically state that the reportage is fake, and should be treated with the contempt that it deserves. We are at a loss as to the object of such reportage and call for rational reflection on the use of the present avenues of communication that the digital age affords all of us.”

The statement noted, “a communication emanating from our office will never get the former President’s last name of KUFUOR wrongly spelt.”

“The Office of former President Kufuor, therefore, urges the general public to utterly disregard this mischievous piece”.


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | | Ghana

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