Ekumfi Odomna Family Of Prez Mills Release Pictures To Debunk Cadman’s False Assertions & Outright Lies

In the wake of a publication that the Ekumfi Odomna Family of the late President John Evans Atta-Mills, sought and got clearance from Government to commemorate the 12th Anniversary of the passing away of their son/clansman, Dr. Cadman Atta-Mills has posited that no such family exists.

In a swift response, the Odomna Family has made available pictures that prove that they had/have solid ties with the late President.

In the pictures made available, Dr. Cadman Atta-Mills himself is seen in some of the pictures taken at Ekumfi Otuam and also at the Castle, the Seat of Government.

According to Nana Enfiua III, Kyidomhemaa of the Odomna Ebusua, she is extremely surprised at how Cadman has described them as “so-called family”.

According to the Kyidomhemaa, she has no option but to lead the family to explain to the nation the family history of the late President and expose the “nasty political game that Cadman is playing with our family”.

“It is obvious that Cadman is playing politics with our family history and we shall not allow him to do that for his personal gain while the family continues to live in pain”.

“We shall let the nation know the extent to which we have been very patient with Cadman and Sammy but since they have decided to not abuse our patience, we shall expose them for all to know the dangerous brothers that they are” Nana Enfiua III stated.

According to the Queenmother, there is a strong story about the maternal lineage of the late President that Cadman and Sammy have been begging them to hide but as things stand now, the truth would be revealed for people to know that real facts.

“Cadman and Sammy have disrespected us for the past 12 years since the late President died mysteriously and we shall no longer allow them to disrespect us” she said.

She added that “they can keep the autopsy report; we shall ask for an inquest to know the exact circumstances surrounding the death of our late son/clansman” Nana Enfiua III stated emphatically.

As it stands now, the nation is likely to wake up to some revelations that will badly expose Cadman Atta-Mills and Sammy Atta-Mills.

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