Ekumfi Youth Association demands action over ‘misappropriated’ funds

A youth association in the Ekumfi District has called for action to be taken over the alleged misappropriation of funds by the local district assembly.

“The people in your district are not aware that because of your actions they are not seeing development,” said James Kluste Avedzi, chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee, during a sitting in Takoradi on May 14.

The committee discovered that the assembly had spent 40% of the common fund, amounting to GHS 690,000, on administrative expenses, contrary to the legal requirement of 10%.

“We are deeply saddened and dismayed at our leaders for allowing this infringement to occur,” Mr. Aboradze Kwamina John, General Secretary of the Ekumfi Youth Association (EKUYA) said.

“Little did we know that our leaders were to blame for our district’s underdevelopment.”

EKUYA described the assembly’s decision to use the additional 30% for recurrent expenditures as “unfortunate and purposeful” and accused leaders of depriving the district of development.

“We acknowledge that the money has been refunded, but we believe that sanctioning those involved would deter others from repeating the same behavior, allowing the district to thrive,” Joseph Cobbah Emmanuel, President of EKUYA said.

The association is urging the government to take prompt action to address the issue and ensure the district’s development.

“We count on your cooperation to make Ekumfi better,” Mr. Aboradze Kwamina John said.

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