Election 2024: Frank Pinto rallies behind Lawyer Buckman to win Kwesimintsim seat

Election 2024: Frank Pinto rallies behind Lawyer Buckman to win Kwesimintsim seat

Ahead of election 2024, Ing. Frank Kwofie Pinto, has pledged his unflinching support for the parliamentary candidate of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Lawyer Phillip Fiifi Buckman to win the Kwesimintsim seat for NDC.

Speaking at an event organized in the constituency, Ing. Frank Pinto, informed branch executives of the party and members across the constituency, including constituency and regional executivesthat he would go all out to back the parliamentary candidate to win and flip the seat for the first time from the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

To this end, he said his commitment would also ensure that the flag bearer of opposition National Democratic Congress John Dramani Mahama wins the 2024 general elections convincingly in the Kwesimintsim.

Consequently, Ing. Frank Kwofie Pinto said he would execute this task, though arduous, succinctly within the limited resources available to him without any difficulties.

Ing. Frank Pinto also took turn to admonish delegates of the party to demonstrate good character that reflects the spirit of the great NDC party.

“In this manner, NDC will be more attractive to the entire Ghanaian population and that would help save our beloved country from the unbearable hardship of the NPP government”.

According to Ing. Frank Pinto, the Regional and Constituency Chairmen of the party, must add their voices to the call for a united NDC to defeat the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He noted that the executives occupying various positions must therefore work with all stakeholders, including the parliamentary candidate Lawyer Phillip Fiifi Buckman to take an absolute control of the elections and guarantee the party a resounding victory in Kwesimintsim Constituency.

By: Zambaga Rufai Saminu | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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