Families must help in talent identification – Richard Ahiagbah

A former Executive Director of Danquah Institute, Richard Ahiagbah, says talent identification is necessary for the development of sports in the country.

Mr. Ahiagbah mentioned that families must help their wards to detect their talents early to make maximum use of their gifts.

Investment into sports facilities he said cannot be taken out of the conversation as he emphasized it will promote the activities of sportsmen and women adding, that seeing people who have advanced in the sport has a way of providing an opportunity for mentorship.

The spokesman for the ruling NPP made these comments in light of Ghana failing to win a gold medal at the ended Tokyo Olympics.

Ghana had her first medal, bronze after 29 years through Samuel Takyi and Africa’s only throughout the two-week games.

Diagnosing the problems leading to Ghana’s poor performance on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana, Richard Ahiagbah said, in spite of the rewards these games bring, one’s personal dream should be a motivating factor where families must help their people to discover their gifts.

“Beyond even the economic benefits people look at just the pursuit of one’s life’s and vision and passion also should count where it is that families can identify the talents of their kids and then support them. Facilities are one thing to be provided but identifying and nurturing those talents I think that comes in and should be something that we should encourage all of our families to try and see in their children and support them to harness their talent very early,” he noted.

Mr. Ahiagbah stressed that the discussion on developing sports facilities must not cease indicating that the country needs to improve its numbers to encourage more people to realize their ambitions.

“We need to just engage the conversation and ensure that more of those facilities should be provided and that people can have the opportunity to chase their dreams and their passions. It’s a good conversation to have,” he stated.

The NPP spokesman recalled the days of inter-school competitions where persons who represent a certain image of our sports are showcased emphasizing that they must be looked up to by upcoming persons in the sport to provide training to their endeavors.

“Even athletics in schools that used to be something big back in the days when I was in school we used to ran and do all sorts of inter-schools activities I don’t know the extent to which that is still being done. And in those days you saw some people, some marvelous things running, soccer, volleyball and the rest of them. These are things that I think beyond just trying to win trophies or medals for Ghana, it also provides the environment for healthy learning and healthy bodies for our young kids to be able to pursue academic work. I think that we should have a conversation that is focused on developing all of the human capacity.”


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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