Form collation and advocate for the construction of Eastern Corridor Road – Ahiagbah to MPs

Form collation and advocate for the construction of Eastern Corridor Road – Ahiagbah to MPs

Immediate past Executive Director of Danquah Institute, Mr. Richard Ahiagbah, on Tuesday, advised Members of Parliament along the Eastern Corridor Road to form a collation and lobby for the construction of the road which seeks to link the capital Accra with the northern hinterland and across the borders to the Sahel region.

Parliament approved €256m in funding to upgrade the Eastern Corridor Road project in February 2020.

The funding will help in building 19 pedestrian bridges and two intersections at Ashaiman Roundabout and Asutuare Junction.

The Eastern Corridor Road project will connect the capital of Accra with the northern hinterland and across borders to the Sahel region.

The project was set to be completed by the end of last year. However, it was subject to several delays.

The Eastern Corridor Road has not only become a death trap for pedestrians and drivers but also a nuisance for many road users particularly drivers who ply between Hohoe and Jasikan and beyond.

Speaking to Metro TV’s Randy Abbey, Tuesday, Mr. Ahiagbah said the convention of the MPS along the stretch will convince the government to release funds to speed up the construction of the Eastern Corridor Road hampering development in that part of the country.

According to him, the Eastern Corridor Road is a lifeline due to the agricultural activities which contribute immensely to the country’s economy.

He said MPs coming together is a necessity needed to pressurise the government to achieve a common goal.

“I’m encouraged the government is committed to doing it much of it being done from Hohoe they are doing some work on it. It is one thing we must do and it’s been on the agenda for a long time. Successive governments have attempted to get it done. I think we have to commit to the conversation of really getting it done.”

“There’s some thinking I think to do with PPP, I don’t know how it’s applied to that the NPP manifesto as it is a good conversation to bring on the table looking at how critical the economic that path is, would it be one of those roads that we can say that we’ve private partnership in developing that stretch and commercialised that road for the purposes of speeding economic activity along that stretch. You open up Oti [Region] once if you do that road and it will affect economic activity along that block, so, I think we need to look at it and maybe as an MP along that road maybe you can form a collation of MPs along that stretch to advance a case to see that maybe out of many roads this is where we should apply for work on,” Mr. Ahiagbah.


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | | Ghana


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