Foster peace by increasing security in the sub-region – Ellen Daaku

Political and Social Commentator Ellen Ama Daaku has supported the idea of strengthening security within the borders of West Africa emphasizing that the immediate place to turn to in the time of crisis are neighboring countries on the continent.

She made this comment following the President of the Republic, Nana Akufo-Addo, who also doubles as the chairman of ECOWAS call to intensify security within the West African region in his opening speech of the 58th ECOWAS summit which opened in Accra last Saturday.

Commenting on the President’s speech on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana on Monday, June 21, 2021, Ama Daaku who is also an NPP communicator said she was delighted that African leaders are taking their destinies into their own hands.

“I’m happy that our leaders in West Africa are gradually understanding that nobody cares about us. Nobody in the world gives a hoot about what happens to us. If we do not take care of ourselves, I do not see why the Americans should be bothered about us” she stressed.

Madam Daaku called for peace within the West African region stating that the entire neighborhood will have freedom if all member states are sound citing “I’m saying this because in normal times, in good times we all have good neighborliness. We share together when we are all in good times. In that season, I might have more so we can share. But when there is a situation, there is an emergency there is a pandemic like it is now, have you sorted your house issues to go and be bothered about somebody’s own?” she quizzed.

She noted that Africa stretches beyond the bothers to seek help because the region is not highly industrialized and capacitated in this period of the pandemic which comes about by strengthening bonds.

“You want to live. America wants to live. Look at what they’ve gone through with Covid. India wants to live. Look at what they are going through. So why must they be bothered about Ghana and our ability to get vaccines or not?” she stressed.

Ellen Daaku clamored for unity in the sub-region observing that West African neighbors are the easiest reach in times of trouble.

“Whether we like it or not we are brothers and sisters. When there is an emergency in Ghana, there is no way you’re going to go to America until you go to our neighboring countries. So we should be concerned about our internal West African relationships and building bridges and making sure that we are safe” she added.

She further urged African leaders to build security amongst member countries stressing “And put a lower emphasis on our relationships and dealings with people in other continents because when it comes to the worst, we’re on one continent with your friends and family. Whether we like it or not they might be speaking French but they are family people. So it is in our interest that our neighbors are at peace so that they won’t come here as refugees”


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu | | Ghana

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