FSHS Bill: Minority accuses government of deception, demands transparency

The Minority National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Parliament has expressed concern over the proposed Free Senior High School (FSHS) Bill, citing contradictions in statements made by the Majority Leader and the Minister of Education.

The Minority said in a statement signed by Dr. Clement Apaak, Deputy Ranking Member on the Education Committee of Parliament “We believe the Minister for Education, and therefore the Majority Leader misinformed Ghanaians.”

The Minority questions the purpose of the bill, suggesting it seeks to review and restructure the pre-tertiary education system rather than protect the FSHS program in its current form.

“We support the FSHS policy, but implementation challenges like inadequate infrastructure, furniture, food, and the double track system need to be addressed,” Dr. Apaak added.

The Minority calls for a national stakeholders’ dialogue on the proposed bill and urges the government to address the implementation challenges.

“Ghanaians know the truth, and we will not fall for the lie that we oppose FSHS,” Dr. Apaak concluded.

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