Galamsey is a true reflection of big men’s greed

Galamsey is a true reflection of big men’s greed

I am not a mining expert and for that matter, I have stayed away from illegal mining discussions (galamsey). I mostly do not like to poke my nose into areas I am not an expert in, so as not to speak ignorantly. However, it seems galamsey is more greedy and doesn’t need to be a mining expert to address human greed.

It’s a sad reality, many Ghanaians are now greedy and will capitalise on any opportunity to make quick money no matter the consequences it would have on the rest of the nation.

The renting-seeking behaviour of the citizen is on the rise daily and patriotism is declining.

The Ghanaian working with the Chinese or foreign nationals to engage in galamsey is not concerned about the effects of their activities on our water bodies or the environment.

As long as their greed for quick money is satisfied, the rest of the nation can go to hell.

How did we get here as a country?

How did our “big men” at the helm of affairs turn themselves into galamsey kingpins and yet still expect to fight galamsey effectively?

I mean how!

…And when do we stop this NDC – NPP blame games and think straight as a country?

Can a Ghanaian go to China and do what the Chinese do in Ghana?

When do we say enough is enough and put an end to this high level of greed that is gradually destroying the country?

Are we going to bequeath polluted river bodies to our children and grandchildren?

Is that what our forefathers bequeathed to us?

As much as unemployment is widespread in the country, it’s still not an excuse to engage in galamsey, knowing how it negatively affects the country.

Greed must not overtake our conscience as a people to act right.

Our leaders must act, our chiefs must act fast, and our military must act faster.

The least talk about Aisha Huang (aka galamsey queen mother), the better for us because her case just exposes how weak our politicians are to fall cheaply into sex-tapes blackmails.

Ghana may soon have to import drinking water according to Ghana Water Company Limited if an end is not put to galamsey. Keep this in your thoughts as you go to bed every night!

Dr Sa-ad Iddrisu

Economist, Louisiana State Government


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