Gatusso urges the media to back local football

Gatusso urges the media to back local football


The award-winning sports journalist and Original sports host, Gideon Anim Okyere, also known as Gatusso, has urged his colleagues in the media to support the development of local football in Ghana.

He made this call at a press conference organized by the Supporters and Sports Journalists Association yesterday, where he addressed the issues affecting the domestic football scene.

Gatusso praised some of the journalists who had joined a demonstration earlier that day to demand better sports infrastructure and improved performance of the national team. However, he also challenged them to show more passion and enthusiasm for the local leagues and clubs, and to encourage the public to attend the matches.

“If we also channel that energy to support our football and tell people to come to the various stadiums, we are going to succeed,” he said. He stressed that the media had a crucial role in creating awareness and interest in the local football industry, which would boost the morale and performance of the players and coaches.

He also appealed to the government and the football authorities to invest more in improving the facilities and welfare of the football fraternity, saying that this would enhance the quality and competitiveness of the game.

The press conference was attended by representatives of various supporter groups and sports journalists from different media outlets. It was aimed at fostering collaboration and dialogue among the stakeholders of the local football industry.

Source: Kofi Otuo Bekoe

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