Ghana Armed Forces cautions public against fake recruitment notice

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has warned the public to be vigilant and disregard a fake press release circulating on social media, purporting to announce recruitment into the military.

“The Ghana Armed Forces wishes to inform and caution the general public to disregard the fake document on social media as it is not conducting enlistment or recruitment at this time,” said Lieutenant Colonel A Marteye, Director General of Public Relations.

The fake document directs interested applicants to forward their summary report and contact information to a fraudulent email address, which the GAF has denounced as “illicit activity”.

The GAF has advised persons interested in joining the military to “solely stick to the official and certified channels used by GAF to announce its enlistment and recruitment exercises”, which are the Daily Graphic and Ghanaian Times newspapers.

The public is urged to report such fake internet links and illicit activities to the nearest military installation or police station.

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