Ghana Federation of Labour calls for proactive labour front 2023

Ghana Federation of Labour calls for proactive labour front 2023

The GFL Secretary General, Mr Abraham Koomson, said labour unrest portrayed by workers this year demonstrated a sign of frustration, a sense of cheating, and other actions by policymakers and the government, which were inimical for the growth of employees.

Mr Koomson added that the labour front must unite and confront anyone, including the government, and the management of establishments whose actions or inactions are not in the interest of the worker.

“Labour unions must not seat again, we must rise up and fight for our fair share of the national cake,” Mr Koomson said.

The General Secretary for the trade union centre questioned the reason for some workers retiring on their full salary with all other entitlements while others on virtually nothing.

“These are errors and unfair treatment in the labour front which we must all work together to correct next year,”

“We all work for the same state, either we all retire on our full salaries and other benefits or we all go home without it, the animal farm policies must give way”. Mr Koomson said.

The GFL Secretary-General expressed concern that while the create, loot and share go on over the years, the labour leaders continued to fight and move toward different directions seemingly pursuing the same agenda, adding “organized labour must unite now or we all perish soon”.

Mr Koomson said because of disunity on the labour front, successive governments had exploited the division and infiltrated into the labour leadership to pursue political interests.

He added that it was inappropriate for any labour union to put their political interests above the needs of workers and called for pragmatic solutions to the disjointed labour front in 2023.

He also condemned people who occupy positions solely for their selfish interest, saying “some people come to the union for something different, they come to make money without the regard of the people who have given them the mandate”.


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